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04-Apr-2016 09:39

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Bri-Mar BWise auto car truck trailer.18 foot bed length, 23.5 overall length.82 inch bed width, 102 inch overall width. Removable Fenders 6 inch tow behind Bandit 65 wood chipper for rent in NH. pulls behind most any riding lawn mower, atv, 4 wheeler or sub compact tractor Cyclone Rake Classic. Depth adjust by adding weight via 4 water jugs to achieve desired core depth.

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Then with this in place we can begin to fit Helga with a beautifully crafted suite of furniture around our 7/8th bed, offering the best of both worlds, a little more sleeping area with bespoke storage. Positive stops at 0, 15, 22.5, 30 and 45-degrees left and right.

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