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There was, however, one situation in which the Canadian wage gaps mostly disappeared: when gay people held jobs in the public sector.This suggests that government jobs, which tend to be more closely regulated when it comes to equality in hiring and promotions, are better at curbing the kinds of discrimination that the private industry can breed.When people think of Tinder, they think of the straightforward "If they're hot swipe right" approach.They rarely think of the alternatives, such as the possibility of finding gay (and I don't just mean happy) love on Tinder.(Both of those figures are in Canadian dollars.)The study, done by two Ph. candidates in sociology at Mc Gill University, Sean Waite and Nicole Denier, has one major caveat: It only looked at white men and women, because there are significant employment-related hurdles for people of color that would be hard to control for in the data.

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Indeed, a 2013 study found that gay people were more likely than straight people to take jobs that were atypical for their gender.

For this reason, they don’t feel the need to push as hard to make more money, so, on average, they make less than straight men.