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Just two minutes before Holmes’ miraculous catch, it seemed as if Arizona’s players could start being fitted for the championship rings.

Future Hall of Famer Larry Fitzgerald had broken loose for a 64-yard touchdown to give his squad their first lead of the contest.

Game highlights uniquely show the wideout glancing up at the stadium’s giant TV screen to see if any Steelers were gaining on him.

There’s another Pittsburgh player besides Holmes who has probably shown up in the bad dreams of Cardinals fans as well.

It was a wicked team from the East, the Pittsburgh Steelers, who ultimately spoiled the Cardinals fairy tale 2008 campaign.

Wide receiver Santonio Holmes’ six-yard, game-winning touchdown has been, and forever will be, etched in the nightmares of Arizona fans.

The Steelers share the record for second most Super Bowl appearances with the Broncos, and Dallas Cowboys (8).

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The timestamp is only as accurate as the clock in the camera, and it may be completely wrong.

It was a Cinderella story that was just over two and a half minutes from becoming a reality.

In the end, the glass slipper just wasn’t a fit for one of the NFL’s least successful franchises.

No one had a crystal ball at the time, but four years later Pittsburgh’s offensive coordinator would become the Cards’ head coach.

An interesting sidebar from the club’s one and only “Big Game” appearance to date.

The late, great Reggie White accomplished the same feat for the Green Bay Packers, and the Carolina Panthers’ Kony Ealy did it as well.

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