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In general, each player plays and develops his or her own character.Characters may be original creations of the player, or may be based on a character taken from canon if the setting and rules provide this option.Play-by-post roleplaying has its origins on the large computer networks and bulletin board systems of major universities in the United States in the 1980s, where it drew heavily upon the traditions of fanzines and off-line role-playing games.The introduction of IRC enabled users to engage in real-time chat-based role-playing and resulted in the establishment of open communities.Play-by-post games are frequently written in the third person perspective due to the fact that multiple players must share each scene, each with his or her character as the focus of attention.

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Players create their own characters and descriptions of events and their surroundings during play.

Results of combat, which may include Player versus player encounters, may be determined by chance through dice rolls or software designed to provide a random result.

The results of random chance may need to be provided to the players in order to avoid disputes that may be a result of cheating or favoritism.

Alternatively a forum may be diceless and rely on cooperation between players to agree on outcomes of events and thus forgo the use of randomisers.

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