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The syntax for the SQL FULL OUTER JOIN is: In some databases, the OUTER keyword is omitted and written simply as FULL JOIN.

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In this visual diagram, the SQL LEFT OUTER JOIN returns the shaded area: The SQL LEFT OUTER JOIN would return the all records from Another type of join is called a SQL RIGHT OUTER JOIN.This allows spell checking in the unprotected areas but does not provide for use of protected form fields.Instead, you might want to use Macro Button Field prompts and have those unprotected. Specifically not discussed here are userforms which are a vba construct, Active X controls, which also require programming, and the newer content controls.The additional materials referenced at the beginning of the chapter do give information on those.

People should also look into the milder Restrict Editing protection. Lock Up Your Word Document - Office Watch on Restricting Editing (Word 2003 and later but especially Ribbon versions of Word) This page is primarily about using "legacy form fields" although there are references to the Content Controls introduced in Word 2007 (and expanded in each version since then).

Chances are, you've already written a SQL statement that uses an SQL INNER JOIN. SQL INNER JOINS return all rows from multiple tables where the join condition is met. As a final note, it is worth mentioning that the INNER JOIN example above could be rewritten using the older implicit syntax as follows (but we still recommend using the INNER JOIN keyword syntax): Try It Another type of join is called a LEFT OUTER JOIN.