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I was told to write my date of birth on a sheet of paper and two thumb impressions of my right hand were taken.

That was all that was needed to look for the palm leaf with my life story written on it.

There is, supposedly, one palm-leaf inscription for every human on this earth, past present and future!

Taking into account population explosion, the whole place should be chock full of palm leaves, but miraculously this is not so.

The standard declaimer was put forth before the reading started.

I was told that although all efforts had been made to get the script of my life, there could be some errors in interpretation.

All they need for identifying the right leaf is the thumb-print of the person and the date of birth.

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On entry, we were told that we had come to the right place as it was the place where Agastya Muni had deposited his original collection of palm leaves.I asked him to go on and he said that both my parents were alive.Since, both of them are no more, he said that the inference had been probably arrived at, by the presence of their souls on earth!It would be fifty rupees extra for audio tape recording.

I included the condition that the payment would be made only if what was said was correct, and this was agreed upon.I had made no attempts to send them to heaven by performing the required rituals.