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Hamilton, while jealous of André for his "accomplishments," promised Eliza he would do what he could to treat the British intelligence chief accordingly; he even begged Washington to grant André's last wish of execution by firing squad, but to no avail.After a short honeymoon at the Pastures, Eliza's childhood home, Hamilton returned to military service in early January 1781.Alexander had heard of Earl's predicament and asked if Eliza might be willing to sit for him, to allow him to make some money and eventually buy his way out of prison, which he subsequently did.At this time, she now had three young children (her third, Alexander, was born in May 1786) and may have been pregnant at the time with her fourth, James Alexander, who would be born the following April.In addition to their own children, in 1787 Eliza and Alexander took into their home Frances (Fanny) Antill, the two-year-old youngest child of Hamilton's friend Colonel Edward Antill, whose wife had recently died. [Lucy] Knox were the leaders of official society," an early historian writes.In October that year, Angelica wrote to Alexander, "All the graces you have been pleased to adorn me with fade before the generous and benevolent action of my sister in taking the orphan Antle [sic] under her protection." After Alexander became Treasury Secretary in 1789, her social duties only increased: "Mrs. Meanwhile, she continued to raise her children (a fifth, John Church Hamilton, had been born in August 1792) and maintain their household throughout multiple moves between New York, Philadelphia, and Albany.Like many landowners of the time, Philip Schuyler owned slaves, and Eliza would have grown up around slavery.

throughout her life she retained a strong will and even an impulsiveness that her acquaintances noted.

Eliza soon joined him at New Windsor, where Washington's army was now stationed, and she rekindled her friendship with Martha Washington as they entertained their husbands' fellow officers.

Soon, however, Washington and Hamilton had a falling-out, and the newlywed couple relocated first back to Eliza's father's house in Albany, then to a new home across the river from the New Windsor headquarters.

On September 25, 1784, Eliza gave birth to her second child, Angelica, named after Eliza's older sister.

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In 1787, Eliza sat for a portrait, executed by the painter Ralph Earl while he was being held in debtors' prison.

Meanwhile, the war would come much too close to home, after British soldiers attempted to raid the Pastures, where Eliza along with Angelica and the rest of her family were living.

The theory states that an individual will act differently than they normally would due to the individual's awareness of being watched.… continue reading »

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In 20 the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) ranked Turkey as the worst journalist jailer in the world (ahead of Iran and China), with 49 journalists sitting in jail in 2012 and 40 in 2013.… continue reading »

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and a 14,000 BC polished chunk of sandstone from a cave in Spanish Navarre may represent similar features superimposed on animal etchings, although it may also represent a spiritual landscape, or simple incisings.… continue reading »

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