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At the very least, any speech that involves the threat of force or the use of fraud should be subject to sanction under this principle, given the risk to the autonomy of others.

That is why both assault and defamation have long been actionable harms.

Bug's lecture will address race and gender issues within the field, using history, natural and social science, demographics, and independent research on “the credibility and authority of men and women in the physics classroom.” “We will try to tackle the issue of why the field is so lopsided in terms of race and gender—and what to do about it,” notes Bug.

Sponsored by the Rutgers–Camden Women’s Studies Program, this lecture is part of the colloquium “When Sex Meets Science,” which is funded through Rutgers University Faculty Advancement and Institutional Re-Imagination (RU-Fair) that seeks to promote women into science majors and into the sciences faculty.

The tribunals use the lower “preponderance” of the evidence standard for guilt, rather than the stricter “clear and convincing” standard, which means the accuser has to bring less evidence against the accused.

On top of that, the accused is denied the central right of cross-examination, even though he will face dire sanctions if convicted.

The errors here are not just unfortunate glitches but systematic blunders.

One of the most critical matters in dealing with the right to free speech is the correlative duty that all individuals have to avoid actions that harm another person.

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She is the author of the book and has been published in several science journals.Keep up with this story and more , “College Sex Meets the Star Chamber,” Yale’s current policy on sexual harassment has led to a massive expansion of Yale’s control over the life of its faculty, students and staff.

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As of 2015, the system offers course options for CSAs and REs that are also complaint with the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA).… continue reading »

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