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It reminded me of a film I saw as a boy called Run Wild, Run Free, a vehicle for young Mark Lester (who had become everyone’s darling in the title role in Oliver! He rescues a pony from a bog and, in that loving struggle, finds his voice.The film was contemptible in its false offer of hope about autism, manipulative, sentimental. The thing is, the use of horses in the First World War is a genuinely interesting subject.A drama that looked at war from a horsey point of view would have given a different moral dimension to the endlessly told tale of the trenches.In the novel, Rudi, a young German soldier, strokes Topthorn and says, “Does he not personify all that men try to be and never can be?But the result is that the film focuses neither on the men nor the horses, but sort of nowhere.Joey and his big black friend Topthorn have no development at all, except Joey’s physical maturation from foal to handsome red bay beast with four white socks.He blows mimic owl hootings to which Joey inexplicably comes.

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It is full of stones, but Joey’s strength is so prodigious that his coulter cuts through rock.He is so amazing that he has nothing to prove or learn in the whole rest of the film.