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Examples of maps from ancient Egypt are quite rare.

However, those that have survived show an emphasis on geometry and well-developed surveying techniques, perhaps stimulated by the need to re-establish the exact boundaries of properties after the annual Nile floods. 1160 BC, shows the mountains east of the Nile where gold and silver were mined, along with the location of the miners' shelters, wells, and the road network that linked the region with the mainland.

The term cartography is modern, loaned into English from French cartographie in the 1840s, based on Middle Latin carta "map".

The earliest known maps are of the stars, not the earth.

Furthermore, the coast of the Black Sea was only known through myths and legends that circulated during his time.

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Most scholars date the tablet to the 25th to 24th century BC; Leo Bagrow dissents with a date of 7000 BC.

Person who generated file; Software package used to generate file; Methodology used to generate file.

2006 Census Census subdivisions (cartographic boundary file gcsd000b06a_e). Created by Mc Master University Library Lloyd Reeds Map Collection, using Arc View 3.2, as a subset of the original dataset with csdtype = IRI.

In contrast, the Babylonian World Map, the earliest surviving map of the world (c.

600 BC), is a symbolic, not a literal representation.Additional statements about ancient geography may be found in Hesiod's poems, probably written during the 8th century BC.